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We are Tennessee Wedding Videographers who also service the South, the Midwest and Internationally

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Making Dreams Come True

We take pride in knowing that we can capture those moments for you and present them in a beautiful, emotional video that will give you the opportunity to re-live those moments over and over again for many happy years to come.

We take a personal interest in your wedding film and photography because it has our name on it. If we film or photograph your wedding  we are your partners from 1st meeting to delivery.

We always work closely with your Planner to make sure all the top moments of the day are going to be covered. And we love helping you relax and fully enjoy your Wedding day.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and know that it's going to be all right.

(And, oh yeah, fill out that Contact Form)

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Olga Antonik

Producer/Drone pilot/Camera/Lead Editor

Turning a Vision into Reality

Olga has been editing programming for network television in Hollywood for many years.

The company's certified drone pilot, Olga also shoots and maintains her position as Lead Editor.

As the company's Producer, Olga will communicate with you and your planner to make sure the wedding film you get is the wedding film of your dreams! Solid coordination with everyone is key to making a successful Wedding film and stunning wedding photography!


Michael Antonik



A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Michael has filmed across the world with celebrities and TV personalities. As a cameraman, he's shot documentaries and travel shows in Botswana, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and Micronesia (to name a few), and knows the importance of getting the shot right the first time.

Michael is dedicated to making the look of your Wedding film and your Photos match your expectations. If you want something more singularly unique, he can help you design that as well. 

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